What is an Election Judge?

Election judges serve a vital role in protecting the rights of voters.  They are responsible for ensuring that the electoral process is administered fairly and in accordance with election law.  Most importantly, election judges help ensure that every person qualified to vote is permitted to vote and that every person permitted to vote is a qualified voter.  Election judges represent the foundation of the electoral process on Election Day.

The information on this website pertains to election judges working in Vermilion County.

Election Judge Application

Election Judge Appointment and Placement

Election Judge Training

Student Judge Information

What are the Election Judge Responsibilities?

  • Opening the polling place in the morning and closing it at night
  • Setting up election equipment
  • Providing assistance to voters
  • Signing in voters
  • Verifying voter qualifications
  • Distributing ballots
  • Operating voting equipment
  • Filling out forms documenting polling place activity
  • Certifying vote totals

What are the Election Judge Eligibility Requirements?

  • Must be a resident of Vermilion County
  • Must be a registered voter of good moral character
  • Must be able to speak, read and write English
  • Must be of good understanding and able to perform duties
  • Must NOT be a candidate for any office at the election and not be an election precinct committee person


Polling places are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Judges should arrive at their work site at least 30 minutes before the polls open and stay after the polls close until all paperwork is completed.

Judges Salary

Judges receive $150.00 for their work. This includes $100.00 for working the entire election day and $50.00 for attending a training session prior to the election. The pay without training is $125.00.