Danville Election Commission

The Danville Election Commission is in charge of conducting elections in the city of Danville. We hold city, county, state and federal elections. We also handle all voter registration for the city of Danville, train election judges, create ballot layouts, communicate election results, redistricting, creating polling places, etc.

Election Commissioners

  • Thomas J. Mellen, Chairman
  • Frank R. Young, Vice Chairman
  • David J. Ryan, Secretary

Established in 1909 by a referendum of the voters of the City of Danville, Illinois, the Danville Election Commission serves as a bipartisan election office with three commissioners, appointed by the Presiding Circuit Judge, representing either the Democratic or Republican Party. The Executive Director is hired by the Board of Election Commissioners and reports directly to them on all matters concerning the Danville Election Commission. Our mission is to provide fair and accurate elections.

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