Birth Certificate Information

How do you obtain a copy of a Birth Certificate from Vermilion County, IL?

A birth certificate may be obtained only by the person listed on record (if over 18 years of age) or by a parent whose name appears on the birth certificate.

* If you would like someone other than the above listed to pick-up a birth certificate from the County Clerk’s office you must fax or mail a NOTARIZED STATEMENT granting a specific person permission to pick up the birth record. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Positive identification is required to obtain a birth certificate. This could be a photocopy of a driver’s license or a state identification card.

For the purposes of genealogy, a birth certificate may be issued only if the person is deceased (date/proof of death is required) or if the birth has been on file for at least 75 years.

The fee is $19.00 for the first birth certificate and $8.00 for each copy of the same certificate purchased at the same time.

Vermilion County Clerk’s Office
201 N. Vermilion St. – 1st Floor
Danville, IL 61832
(217) 554-1900

Note: All vital records (birth certificate, death certificate and marriage license) are not public records, and therefore are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.