Tips for “Good Recordings” and a Fast Turnaround Time

The Recorder’s Office staff employees are not attorneys and, therefore, cannot give legal advice or opinions. For legal advice regarding real estate and recording issues, we recommend you consult an attorney.

Legal descriptions may not be given by the Recorder’s staff either in person nor by telephone.

The following are “tips” for proper recordings. However, they should not be construed as legal advice:

You may mail an original document for recording. Be sure to include your check in the exact amount of the recording fee ($60.00 for most instruments). See our website HERE for a full listing of recording fees and a self-addressed envelope where you want the document returned after recording.

Mail these to:
Vermilion County Recorder
Vermilion County Administration Building
201 N Vermilion Street
Danville, Illinois 61832

  • Perform a quality control check to ensure all documents are correctly completed and legibile, including Illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration Forms (PTAX-203, etc.)
  • Do not use excessive white-out or tape legal descriptions on documents or PTAX forms as this will result in a double charge.
  • A completely clear 3″ x 5″ space in the upper right-hand corner is required for printing of recording information.
  • If in doubt, add a cover sheet to your document and count it as a page to save you a double-charge.
  • Provide a properly-sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of original documents.
  • Bound or thick documents must be unbound or unstapled to print recording information and scan; a paper clip is best.
  • All checks should be paper-clipped to the correct documents.
  • Re-ink your stamps frequently; rubber stamps used for mail-to (MT) addresses and case numbers are often stamped too lightly or are partially visible.
  • Do not use highlighters other than yellow – all other colors scan as a black mark, making information unreadable and are double-charged.
  • Make sure a Vermilion County document number is being released, assigned, subordinated, modified or amended by your document. (Example: 13-01234)
  • If you are recording a mortgage and contemporaneously an assignment thereof, you must attach a note to the assignment (immediately following the mortgage) with directions for us to insert the mortgage document number.
  • We are unable to insert mortgage number on subordinations. On subordinations, only the mortgage being subordinated is indexed by our Computer Department.
  • Deliver documents prior to 4:00 p.m. if possible.
  • Check all documents for the following:
Signature(s) Required on both document and check.
Notary All instruments of conveyance must be notarized: an additional witness is not required in Illinois.
Prepared by Name and address of the person who prepared the document.
A mail-to (return to) Name and address is required on every document (preferably on the first page to enable quick indexing).
Legal Description Must be in Vermilion County and complete.
A legal description should include:
A specific lot, block, and subdivision name.
Example: Being a part of Lot 1 Block 1 in John C. Smith’s Subdivision;
A specific quarter section, section, township, and range.
Example: Being a Part of the SW/4 of Sec. 1, Township 19, Range 12 West
  • All deeds must include the following:
    • A Complete Grantee’s Address including street, city & state is required on all deeds.
    • To whom and where the future tax statements are being sent.
  • A properly completed, signed and dated Plat Act Affidavit must accompany the deed if the legal description is metes and bounds.
  • A completed exemption statement with date & Signature (Example: “This transaction is exempt under paragraph ____, Section 31-45, Property Tax Code”) or a completed illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration Form (PTAX-203, etc.) must accompany all deeds. If a deed is exempt under paragraph B, K, or M, a PTAX-203 is also required.

Thank you, your cooperation is greatly appreciated by the Recorder’s Office!