Services Provided

Available Computers

The Recorder’s Office has three (3) computer workstations available for the public without charge for searching records and document images. The computer document index with images covers 1975 to present. Book records are available starting in 1826, when the county was founded, to the early 1960’s when documents were microfilmed.

Social Security Redaction

Redaction of Social Security Numbers on documents is done to help defray identity theft by blocking out personal information. These private numbers are hidden from view on the office’s computer system and on the web, but the original document is not altered in any way.

Identify Protection for Military Veterans

All recorded military discharge papers have been replaced with a marker page listing only the type of document, veteran’s name and number of papers contained in their DD-214. All requests for certified copies of DD-214’s must be accompanied by a completed application, photo identification and signature verification.

Recorded Military records are not subject to public inspection. These documents are accessible only to the person named in the document, the named person’s dependents, the county veterans’ service officer, representatives of the Department of Veterans Affairs, or any person with written authorization from the named person or the named person’s dependents.

Property Fraud Alert Program (PFA) — Documentation Notification Program

Preventing mortgage fraud and identity theft is a top priority of the Vermilion County Recorder’s office. Unfortunately, it’s all to easy for a criminal to record a fraudulent deed making it appear as if they now own your home. Once they’ve done this, they can use your property as collateral for a mortgage loan or even attempt to sell your home to an unsuspecting buyer. Don’t let this happen to you!

The Recorder’s office has made a conscious effort to be on the lookout for documents that may involve deed or mortgage fraud. For your protection, consider subscribing to our “FREE” Property Fraud Alert website for real-time monitoring and notification of any potential fraudulent activity. This free subscription service offers quick, personal notification to the subscriber via e-mail or telephone call if a document is recorded under their name.

To sign up for this free service, GO TO: and select Vermilion County. Complete and submit the registration form. If you have any questions regarding this program or are having trouble signing up, please call 1-800-728-3858 for assistance.

Online Access

The Vermilion County Recorder’s Office has three (3) web-based applications that allow for remote access to documents recorded in our office. These implementations are another part of our on-going effort to improve customer delivery and provide quality customer service.

Currently, our indexes for recorded documents are available from 1987. Customers have several options available to conduct research twenty-four (24) hours a day.


Laredo is an internet search program designed for real estate-related firms that need daily access to the land records in Vermilion County. This service offers expanded searches using party name, document number, recording date, document type, parcel identification number (PIN), subdivision tract, address and associated documents. Images can be viewed and printed.


An internet search program for non-subscribers, Tapestry utilizes a unique pay-as-you-go method in which you can pay with your credit card on our secure internet site.

Free Web Search

This service is limited to a name search only, and does not offer images of the documents. (Searches on Index Records from July of 1987 through current.)