Recording Fees

Schedule of Recording Fees

Effective: July 1st, 2023

Deed, Mortgages, Releases, Assign Mtg, UCC filled in Real Estate, etc…
If Grantor/Grantee is a Government Entity then subtract $19.00 from fee due to the Rental Housing Support Surcharge (RHSP)
Judgments: $50.00
Sheriff’s Deeds: $50.00
Power of Attorney: $50.00
Transcript: $50.00
Notices of Probate: $50.00
Articles of Incorporation, and any related: $50.00
Death, Birth & Marriage Certificates: $50.00
Utility Easements: $50.00
Municipality Liens & Releases: $50.00

Plats of Subdivision – (Approved by County or Municipality): $99.00
Surveys (No more than (2) lots) – 8 1/2 x 14: $69.00
Monument Records: $69.00

Documents that do not comply with Illinois Standardization Act are $81.00
UCC’s & Anything under the Plat Act are Exempt from the Standardization Act.

Financing Statements (UCC Fixture filings) except terminations & AG: $50.00
Terminations (only if filed in UCC Financing Records – Fixture filing): $30.00

Copy Fee – Deeds, etc… per Page: $1.00
Certified Copy Fee:
* (first four pages is $12.00 then $1.00 for each additional page per doc)

Recording Veterans Discharges (DD214) No Charge
Each Veterans Certified Copy thereafter first $.50

Standardization Guide