Solid Waste Management

The Solid Waste Program of the Environmental Health Division helps protect Vermilion County residents from the transmission of disease organisms from improper or inadequate storage and disposal of garbage and other refuse. Following the guidelines of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act and the Illinois Pollution Control Board Regulations, the Solid Waste Program enforces standards for accumulations of refuse, transport and disposal of waste, derelict vehicles and uninhabitable structures.

Since a 1993 agreement with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Health Division has inspected the local licensed landfills and landscape-waste composting operations.

The ultimate goal of the Solid Waste Program is to protect Vermilion County residents from the nuisance and unhealthful conditions that arise when solid waste is inadequately or improperly transported, disposed of, or stored. The Vermilion County Health Department does this by issuing licenses to solid waste hauling vehicles, investigating complaints, enforcing county and state regulations regarding solid waste, routinely inspecting licensed landfills and composting operations, and meeting routinely with representatives from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Vermilion County State’s Attorney’s Office to review inspections of certain solid waste sites and to discuss possible enforcement actions.

For more information contact the Director of Environmental Health