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As of January 1, 2018 the Illinois Department of Public Health is no longer the registrar of the Food Service Sanitation Manager certification.As of January 1, 2018 the term Food Service Sanitation Manager, FSSM, will be replaced with Certified Food Protection Manager, CFPM.  New certification or renewal of expired FSSM certificate will be acquired by attending the classes that have been available in the past.  The CFPM certification is achieved by attending an approved class and passing the proxy exam.  The certificate issued by the exam provider, upon successfully passing their exam, will be the proof of certification and must be on record at the permitted food establishment where the certified individual is employed.

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Cottage Food

The Cottage Food Law, which initially went into effect January 2012, allows farmers market vendors to prepare select food product in their home kitchens. The Illinois Food Freedom Act expanded the law in 2017. Please note, the food product can ONLY be sold at a farmers market.

It’s required you register with VCHD as a cottage food vendor. To download a Registration form, click here. 

In order to register, it’s required that you have completed a Certified Food Managers Course. To see a list of courses offered locally, click here##.

The 2018 Illinois Cottage Food Guide was developed by Illinois Stewardship Alliance in partnership with the Illinois Department of Public Health and University of Illinois Extension. The purpose of the guide is to help farmers, food entrepreneurs, and health departments understand the opportunities available through Cottage Food Law and comply with the highest safety standards to insure that cottage food products are safe, healthy, and enjoyable for all.

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