Surplus Property Bids

Used Vehicle – Dura Patch 125DJT – posted 06/23/2022

Notice for Sealed Bids

Vermilion County has surplus Dura Patch 125 DJT, Serial Number 20121 – Year 2011

Used county vehicle is now available for purchase by sealed bid. The buyer presenting the highest bid will be awarded the opportunity to purchase the vehicle. The terms of sale require cash payment or payment by certified or cashier’s check for the full amount of the bid within three (3) business days after the bid is accepted. The vehicle will be auctioned by sealed bids “as is” with no warranties, express or implied as to their condition or fitness for a particular purpose. If any vehicle is not claimed within five (5) business days of the acceptance of the bid, the bid will become void and the County will dispose of the vehicle as it deems best.

Bid will be accepted until Noon on July 08, 2022. No further bids will be accepted after that time. It will be the responsibility of the successful bidder to pick up, and remove the vehicle within five (5) business days after acceptance of the bid as noted above.

If no bid is submitted for any of the vehicles, the County Board Chairman shall take such steps to dispose or salvage such vehicles for whatever salvage value may be obtainable.

Bid may be delivered to the:

County Board Office
VCAB Building
201 N Vermilion St, 2nd Floor
Danville, IL 61832

on or before July 08, 2022 by 12:00 Noon