Surplus Property Bids

Surplus Property Bids –

Surplus Item Photo  

Items may be viewed in front of the old EMA building at 2507 Georgetown Rd.

Bid will be accepted until Noon on December 1st, 2022. No further bids will be accepted after that time. It will be the responsibility of the successful bidder to pick up, and remove the vehicle within five (5) business days after acceptance of the bid as noted above.

If no bid is submitted for any of the vehicles, the County Board Chairman shall take such steps to dispose or salvage such vehicles for whatever salvage value may be obtainable.

Bid may be delivered to the:

County Board Office
VCAB Building
201 N Vermilion St, 2nd Floor
Danville, IL 61832

on or before December 1st, 2022 by 12:00 Noon