Mission Statement

The Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency provides guidance to local government, private sector, non-governmental organization and not-for-profit group stakeholders and decision makers and private citizens through emergency preparedness education and training, advanced planning and situational awareness to improve their overall preparedness, planning, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities in the event of large-scale catastrophic incidents.


A resilient group of communities which demonstrate and promote a “culture of preparedness” by acquiring and maintaining the skillsets, resources and capabilities needed to plan for, protect against, respond to and recover from any threats and hazards which pose a risk to their community and citizens.


Vermilion County Emergency Management staff has a wide range of goals, objectives and responsibilities. From administrative duties to planning and preparedness efforts, our personnel continues to strive to mitigate against hazards across the county. While following the four phases of Emergency Management, Planning, Preparedness, Response and Recovery Vermilion County Emergency Management is responsible for providing a comprehensive Emergency Management program for all residents in Vermilion County to be prepared for a disaster.

Strategic Planning

Goal 1: Build A Culture of Preparedness

  • Incentivize Investments that Reduce Risk, Including Pre-Disaster Mitigation, and Reduce Disaster Costs at All Levels
  • Close the Insurance Gap
  • Help People Prepare for Disasters

Goal 2: Ready the County for Catastrophic Disasters

  • Organize a Scalable and Capable Incident Workforce
  • Enhance Intergovernmental Coordination through Community Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Posture EMA and the Whole Community to Provide Life-saving and Life-sustaining Commodities, Equipment, and personnel from All Locally Available Sources
  • Improve Continuity and Resilient Communications Capabilities

Goal 1: Reduce the Complexity of Post-Disaster Assistance

  • Streamline the Disaster Survivor Experience
  • Mature the Disaster Recovery Framework
  • Increase and Strengthen Grant Utilization