Child Support

Circuit Clerk’s Office

This is to request payment ledgers, change of address or any inquiries pertaining to child support or alimony payments.

Inquiries as to payments are to be done between 4:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily.

State Disbursement Unit

Contact Numbers

Toll Free: (877) 225-7077
Phone: (630) 681-2488
Fax: (630) 786-3707

You will need to provide the following information for the SDU to locate your case:

Name of Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents
Case Number
Social Security Number

Change in Status

Please notify the Circuit Clerk’s Office and/or the State Disbursement Unit of any changes you may have. If your check goes through the SDU, we can notify them, or you can call them directly. This is very important because if we do not receive an address change, your check could be delayed.