Notice to Vote By Mail Voters

Notice to Vote By Mail Voters

Your ballot may be returned to the election authority by mail, or delivered in person. In person delivery can be by either the voter or by any person authorized by the voter, or by a company licensed as a motor carrier of property by the Illinois Commerce Commission under the Illinois Commercial Transportation Law, which is engaged in the business of making deliveries. If delivered, the ballot must be received by the election authority prior to the polls closing (at 7:00 PM) on Election Day. If mailed, the ballot must be postmarked by Election Day (please note that special rules apply to a voter who has been admitted to a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation center within 14 days of the election; you may contact your election authority for further information if this is your situation).

To the Voter

In signing the certification on the vote by mail ballot envelope, you are attesting that you personally marked this vote by mail ballot in secret. If you are physically unable to mark the ballot, a friend or relative may assist you after completing the enclosed affidavit. Federal and State laws prohibit your employer, your employer’s agent or an officer or agent of your union from assisting physically disabled voters. State law prohibits a candidate whose name appears on the ballot (unless the physically disabled voter is the spouse, parent, child, brother or sister of the candidate) from assisting a physically disabled voter.

To the Person Providing Assistance to the Voters

You have been selected by a voter to provide voting assistance. Under Illinois law, only voters who are blind, physically disabled or unable to read or write the English language may be assisted by a relative or friend. Individuals who cannot assist voters include the voter’s employer or agent of that employer or officer or agent of the voter’s union, or a candidate whose name appears on the ballot (unless the candidate is the spouse, parent, child, brother or sister of the voter).

You must mark the ballot as directed by the voter. Individuals who make any attempt to influence the voter’s choice of candidates, party or votes in relation to a public question or to mark the ballot other than as directed by the voter may be builty of a class 3 felony. If you cannot tell the voter’s intent, you must not mark the ballot in any way. You may not subsequently divulge the candidate(s) or public questions for whom the voter instructed you to cast ballots.

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