Vermilion County
Juvenile Detention Center Counseling

Kleppin & Associates
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Juveniles who are detained in the Juvenile Detention Center have access to a service designed to assist the juveniles’ adjustment to the facility’s expectations, monitor and address mood and behavior, assist staff in assessment of risk of harm, and assist youth to be more successful when they leave VCJDC. 

The goals of the program include stabilizing the youth, assisting in the reduction of the risk of self-harm or harm to others, and strengthening willingness and skills to decrease illegal, inappropriate, harmful behaviors after release.

The Vermilion County Mental Health 708 Board provides funding for an associate therapist, contracted and supervised through Kleppin & Associates, to provide counseling for juveniles whose mental health needs are not otherwise met at the Detention Center. 

The therapist meets regularly with VCJDC staff and other providers to identify recipients for this service.  Staff at the VCJDC are also able to provide her with updates for those who have longer stays at the facility.