Vermilion County Complex Service Planning

200 S. College, Suite A
Danville, IL 61832
(217) 443-3500

Jeri Spezia

Complex Services – Administrative Assistant

Vermilion County families have access to a process designed to help when families are struggling with intensive emotional or behavioral issues. The Vermilion County Complex Service Planning (CSP) process was developed and supported by the Vermilion County Mental Health 708 Board and is designed to help families coordinate services when traditional siloed services are not meeting the need of their families. Many of the children involved in this planning process have either been referred to the juvenile justice system, the child welfare system, have been frequently hospitalized, are being considered for residential placement, or are in the process of “stepping down” from residential treatment and need a very intensive, coordinated service plan to ensure that all local and community resources are available to the child and family.  In addition, adults who are involved in multiple systems are eligible for these services.

Just as in the traditional Wraparound Process, the CSP process is based on System of Care principles and values, including:

  • Interagency collaboration
  • Child and family partnership
  • Individual strength-based care
  • Community based services and supports
  • Cultural competence
  • Accountability to results

The process begins with a referral from either the family itself or from a community service provider. The CSP Coordinator will schedule an appointment with the parents (and child, if appropriate) to discuss current services; identify additional resources the family wants to include in the planning process; and to complete intake paperwork and sign releases.

When requested, a meeting date is set and invitations are sent out to current and/or potential service providers.  At the first meeting, family members and service providers are asked to summarize what services have been provided in the past, discuss any roadblocks that may have prevented success, and develop a coordinated plan of interventions – many times involving multiple agencies and additional service providers.

At the close of each meeting, a summary of the new coordinated plan, or a list of the tasks that will need to be accomplished in order to complete the new service plan, is reviewed and given to each participant with their specific assignments. The date, time, and place for the next meeting are set. The coordinating meetings continue as the new plan for service evolves and is carried out. The team usually meets more frequently in the beginning of the process and less frequently as the plan progresses. The plan is reviewed at each meeting and modified as needed. The family remains in control at all times – with the family making the decision to end the process once they feel that services are “working” for them and the issues are being addressed.

To make a referral or for more information, please call the Complex Service Planning Coordinator at: 217-443-3500