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About Land Banks and Land Banking

Brian White, Sr. Consultant for Community Development, STR LLC

Land banks are public or community-owned entities created to acquire, manage, maintain, and repurpose vacant, abandoned, and foreclosed properties.  Land banks are often associated with communities with large-scale blight and abandonment, though many communities have implemented land banking and land banks to prevent negative impacts of blight.  There are approximately 120 land banks in the United States, with the largest concentration in Legacy Cities east of the Mississippi River.

Land banks augment or replace antiquated tax foreclosure and property disposition systems that emphasize partial tax recovery through the sale of tax liens or auction of government interest in tax-delinquent property.  A land bank gives communities the opportunity to repurpose abandoned properties in a manner consistent with the communities' values and needs.  Strategies can include demolishing property to create open green space or community gardens, rehabbing buildings, or stewarding vacant property until a new use is determined.  Land banks can be thought of as real estate investors acting in the public interest.
The Center for Community Progress identifies four critical elements for successful land bank initiatives:
Effective use of the governments' superior tax line as:
a)  a primary means to acquire properties and
b)  capture revenue from their eventual disposition to support land bank operations.
Scaling land bank operations at the most diverse real estate market possible so the land bank is not relegated to addressing only the worst of the foreclosed or abandoned properties.
Ensure a land bank is policy driven - and transparent in policies and transactions, to build public confidence, invite collaboration, and avoid impropriety.
Emphasize community engagement and participation to leverage the land bank for comprehensive community development and give communities a voice in decision-making.  The most successful Land Banks engage a wide range of stake holders at all levels, not only elites in government and real estate.
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The purpose of the Vermilion County Land Bank is to return unproductive properties to contributing, tax-paying status.  We are committed to achieving this in a way that improves the community, reduces blight and nuisance problems, stabilizes and revitalize neighborhoods, and raises property values.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like an on-site meeting to discuss the Vermilion County Land Bank.
Contact us if you have a concern about a vacant residence or commercial property in your neighborhood.

Be sure to include the property address, photos and any pertinent information.