Building & Grounds


Building & Grounds
Patrick Sergent, Superintendent

123 North Hazel
Danville, IL 61832
Phone:  (217) 477-6428




Building & Grounds Staff
Name Title Cell
Patrick Sergent Superintendent 274-0193
Brad Johnson Maintenance 274-0190
John Lowe Assistant
Barry Hall General Maintenance 495-1531
Kyle Richards Maintenance
Sherman Hocketta Housekeeping Supervisor 918-5379
Work orders
Building & Grounds Work Orders & Cleaning Work Orders
Direct all Building & Grounds work orders and cleaning work orders to e-mail:
You must include your name, office, phone number, location, description
of work order and the work order priority
(low priority, medium priority, high or emergency.

Someone from Building & Grounds will contact you and let you know
the status of your work order and when it can be completed.
If you have any questions regarding Building and Grounds,
contact Jennifer Jenkins at the Vermilion County Board office.   
Phone: 554-6006
General Information
The Vermilion County Building & Grounds Department is responsible for the repair, maintenance and upkeep of the following buildings:
Animal Regulation & Shelter - 14775 Catlin-Tilton Road
Building & Grounds - 123 North Hazel Street
Emergency Management Agency - 2507 Georgetown Road
Health & Education Building - 200 S. College Street
Highway Department - 2732 Batestown Road
Vermilion County Administration Building - 201 North Vermilion
Rita B. Garman Vermilion County Courthouse - 7 North Vermilion