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Vermilion County Animal Shelter
Tony Van Camp
, Director
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Danville, IL 61834
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Foster a Pet

Foster Application  (pdf)
Sometimes dogs/cats come into the shelter that for whatever reason, do not do well in a shelter environment.
1.  They are sick or elderly and need some extra attention.  They are terminal and need a forever or hospice foster home so they do not have to die in a shelter.
2.  They are younger than 8 weeks of age and need help getting healthy so they can be adopted.
3.  Other special cases to be determined by the Shelter Director of the Shelter Vet.
4.  The ONLY time that an animal should permanently be in a foster home is if they are a hospice foster.  Which means that they have medical issues that are going to limit their life span and they just need a place to stay comfortable.
The most important person to the foster animal right now is YOU.  You will be able to seek information from the animal with his personality, his fears, his strengths, etc.  Because of your assessment of him/her, VCAS will be able to seek a permanent new home for the animal.  The more you tell us about the dog in your care, the better we will be able to assist in find the right home.