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Vermilion County Board
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Phone: (217) 554-6000
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Hours:   Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding legal holidays)


New Assets/Equip form
Surplus Equipment form
Surplus Vehicle form
Policy & Procedures
Ordinance for the Disposition of Excess, Obsolete or Unusable County Personal Property


Vermilion County is required to keep a current inventory of assets over $250.00.  These items must have a unique tag number and the information must be given to the Technology Services department to enter into the County's Inventory database system.

Each County department is responsible for tagging their equipment and giving the inventory information to Technology Services. 

This includes new equipment, updating information about an item or the surplus of an item.
New Equipment
New Assets or Equipment of $250.00 or more:
* Attach a physical inventory tag on the equipment.  (Tech Services will provide the tags.)
* Complete the New Assets/Equipment form and e-mail the information to
   Tech Services will enter the information into the Inventory System.
Surplus Equipment
Surplus Equipment:
* Complete the Surplus Equipment form and e-mail the information to
* If the surplus equipment is non-computer equipment, Building & Grounds will contact you and pick up the equipment.
* If the surplus equipment is computer equipment, Technology Services will contact you and pick up the equipment.
Surplus Vehicle
Surplus Vehicle:
* Complete the Surplus Vehicle form and give the information to the County Board office.
* Please enter as much information as possible.
* The County Board office will contact your department to coordinate the surplus of the vehicle.